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Drought Contingency

Customers of 439 Water Supply Corporation:

Our regional water planning authority has instituted a Stage 1 Drought Contingency effective immediately.
In accordance with our DROUGHT CONTINGENCY PLAN (STAGE 1), we are requesting that our customers be mindful of ways to conserve water through non-essential water use throughout the summer months.  Our goal is to decrease current water use by 5%.
1). Please repair all leaks to customer lines as soon as you are aware that a leak exists (including running toilets, leaky faucets and dripping hoses).  In addition, please notify 439 Water Supply of any suspected leaks in corporate transmission lines.
2). Please use discretion in the irrigation of landscaped areas.  The Texas climate makes it very difficult (and costly) to keep large lawns green during the summer months.  The Bell County extension office (254-933-5305) can provide you with some assistance in choosing “Texas friendly” landscape materials that do not require large amounts of water.  In addition, they can provide educational materials on more efficient methods of watering landscaped areas in Texas.
3). Please be aware of the water you are using for other discretionary purposes, such as washing vehicles, filling swimming pools, washing driveways and sidewalks, etc., and limit or discontinue water use for such non-essential purposes.
We do not anticipate any problems with the delivery of water to our customers this
summer; however, the involvement of our customers in the voluntary conservation of water is mandated by the current drought-watch condition initiated by the Brazos River Authority. Please review additional information on our Drought Contingency Plan on our website at www.439watersupply.com.
Your participation is encouraged and appreciated.


To view the full drought contingency plan, click here