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9 Easy ways to save water in your yard and garden!

1. Install an automatic-rain-shutoff device. It protects your lawn (and your water bill) from accidental overwatering and typically costs under $200.00.  It can save you enough water to pay for itself within the first year!

2. Update your irrigation system with a smart controller. Starting at about $300.00 a weather-based irrigation controller is capable of improving your water efficiency by up to 40%.

3. Upgrade to water-efficient emitters. If your irrigation system is more than a couple of years old, ask your local irrigation company to inspect your system. There are more efficient alternatives in recent years.

4. Eliminate leaks. A small 1/32" diameter leak in your hose or outdoor faucet for example can waster more than 6,000 gallons of water in ONE year. Imagine if you had multiple leaks!

5. Choose drought-tolerant plants. Choose plants that are heat tolerate. Check with your local home improvement store for advice as to which species thrive in Texas heat.

6. A thick layer of mulch helps keep the roots cool and moisture in the soil

7. Water the soil, not the leaves. Water at the root zone to keep evaporation toa minimun.

8. Mow high. Keeping your grass at about 2" will help shade the soil and prevent excess evaporation.

9. Don't overwater. More water is wasted from overwater than for any other reason, it is also very bad for your plants!