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National Hydration Day, June 23, 2021

Whether you're a professional athlete, a casual exerciser, or someone who simply loves to spend time outside in the sun, drinking water is key to avoiding heat stroke, dehydration, and other dangerous issues. Celebrating National Hydration Day is a great way to raise awareness!

Here are 10 healthy ways to invigorate your water. Add these wholesome ingredients to make your daily hydration more fun!

1. Cucumber-cools and hydrates

2. Fresh Mint-freshens breath & treats nausea

3. Chia Seeds-strenghtens teeth & bones

4. Lemon Or Lime-boosts immunity & prevents colds

5. Aleo Vera Juice-relaxes & relieves stress

6. Ginger-warms the body & aids digestion

7. Herbal Tea Bag-relaxes & relieves stress

8. Berries-promote beauty & prevent oxidation

9. Cinnamon-regulates blood sugar & reduces cholesterol

10. Honey-prevents cancer & infections